45 Year Reunion

April 26-27, 2013

Tom Quirk and Sam Aaron hosted our class in their lovely home Friday evening for a fun filled reception.  Saturday evening event was held at the Barn Door.  This was a warm up for the 50th Class Reunion, currently in planning for May 2018!

Photo Memories

We were very fortunate to have Tom's brother, Frank Quirk photograph both events.   Links to both are below, as well as a video of the speeches given at the Barn Door.


Click here - Tom and Sam's Home Friday Evening


Click here - Saturday Evening at the Barn Door


Click here - Few more photos at the Barn Door



...and what is a reunion without speeches?



Critical Reviews

A big thanks to Tommy and Sam for a great party. 
I so enjoyed seeing everyone. Sorry I have to miss tonight. 
I hope this website stays up and running so we can all keep in touch.
Cheers, Lark
Fellow Brahmas, it was great to see all of you this weekend. 
Thanks Tom, Sam, David and especially Marilyn for the great job. 
Onward Brahmas. All best. 
Blaine Smith
Such a GREAT time at the beautiful home of Tom Quirk and Sam Aaron. 
They were such incredible hosts. And I must say, this is the best time 
I have had in many years. Gosh, it felt so good seeing so many dear friends 
and laughing like I hadn't done in years. 
Candy Marshall